Stelda HC500

HotCase 500
Top and bottom case sealer for end of the line packaging

Advantages of Case Sealing with hotmelts:
● Improved packaging security (tamper evidence)
● Possible cost savings versus tape spend
● Corrugate reduction
● Clean, Tape-free surface to to promote the brand
● Improved case stability and palletizing
● Long term bonds – for long term storage and shipping
● High productivity
● Reduction in product damages – no knife used for opening of cases
● Sustainability improvement hot melts versus tape
● Top and bottom case sealing with hotmelts
● Single operator for the line; simpe to operate
● Nordson hotmelt dispensing unit
● Speeds up to 20 cases per minute
● Interlocking safety shields
● Optional feed-in conveyor

Technical Data

Max length 500 mm Conveyor height 480 – 650 mm
Min length 150 mm Mechanical speed 20 cases/min.
Max length 500 mm Electric supply 415 V, 3phase, 50 Hz
Min length 180 mm Power consumption 4 KW
Max length 500 mm Air pressure 5 – 6 var
Min length 150 mm Air consumption 0.35 L/case