Stelda AR500

STELDA AR500 GT is a state of fully automated case sealing machine that can accept any random sized box, measure the dimensions, set the machine to apply the right quantity of hot or cold  glue or seal the box  with a BOPP tape. You can also have a combination of 2 or three of the sealing methods to provide higher insurance from the product damages.  And that is reimagining  the process of case sealing: where extreme flexibilty in size, type of boxes and method of sealing can be custom selected for a given box.


  • All random, fully automated machine with no settings required for box dimensions
  • Available with multiple sealing options cold glue (patent applied for) , hot glue or tape and combination of any of these.
  • PLC controlled with facility for storing huge data on variety of boxes, sealing options and patterns
  • CE compliant
  • Product counter,  totalizer ,  jam detector, fault reporter
  • Optional IIOT (Industrial internet of things) capabilty


All random mode 10 cases per minute
Present mode gluing 25 cases per minute
Present mode taping 30 cases per minute
Gluing plus taping 30 cases per minute


Working speed From 10 cases/min
Size of the box 500mm(L) X 500mm(W) X 500mm(H)
200mm(L) X 200mm(W) X 150mm(H) Min
Conveyor height 720mm -1050mm
Sealing system Nordson hot melt pro blue with low profile guns -2Nos
2 or 3 inch taping head SIAT, italy – 2Nos
Cold glue applicator
Electrical power supply 415V , 3Phase , 50HZ
Power Consumption 4 KW
Air Pressure 5-6 bar
Air Consumption 10 L/case
Machine Dimension 4090mm (L) X 1395mm (W) X 2203mm(H)e