We are Impel Services Pvt Ltd

Impel Services P Ltd, a part of the Welbound group – one of the leading suppliers of machines and solutions in South Asia. With the technical support of OEM partners like Nordson and Henkel we manufacture case sealing machines with multiple sealing technologies for markets requiring inline automation, flexibility and assurance of transit protection.


Stelda HC500

Welbound HC500 AR is the fastest, Fully Automatic Random Case sealer employing hotmelt glue for sealing shipper cartons. Boxes of different sizes, coming in from multiple production lines are channelized into the HC500AR case sealer, thereby saving space, investments and labour.


Stelda AR500

Top and bottom case sealer for end of the line packaging, Improved packaging security (tamper evidence), Possible cost savings versus tape spend, Corrugate reduction, Clean, Tape-free surface to to promote the brand, Improved case stability and palletizing, Long term bonds


Stelda CE10

Welbound CE10 is an automatic Case Former / Erector with PLC controls. Quick job change-over is effected through touch screen controls, using servo drives. Vertically stacked boxes are separated using vacuum and then formed before pushing through belt drives, when the bottom flaps get sealed.