About Us

STELDA stands for
Security Tamper Evidence and Low Damages in Transit

Our Story

5 years ago, we set out on a mission; to help brands faced with damages and pilferage in storage and transit, to reduce their losses. We worked closely with them and addressed the industry-wide challenges in shipper carton packaging; offering higher productivity, better strength against damages, security against pilferage, and all that while being more sustainable.

Who are we

Adhesion Experts

We have 3 decades of understanding application of adhesives using machines, on natural substrates like paper. We are market leaders in graphic art industry – bookbinding in South Asia and Africa. We partner global leaders like Nordson and Henkel adhesives to provide complete automation solutions in case packaging.

OMAC Technical Advisory

As corporate members of OMAC and a part of The OMAC Technical Advisory Board, we strive to solve packaging pain points of South Asian manufacturersand set benchmarks for automation operations in India.

Our Mission

To bring about the technology shift to make the world’s shipper carton packaging stronger, secure and sustainable.


A few feathers in our cap from the many coveted over the years.

Meet Our Team

The minds that took on the challenge to reimagine case sealing.

Sajith Pallippuram

Director at Stelda Packaging Pvt Ltd

“Innovation is not a competitive reaction, but a proactive process towards customer delight.”
Sajith believes that putting your customers at the centre of everything is about delighting them. This explains our choice of using a Design Thinking process in which the first step is to empathise with our clients. For us this means to be at the clients’ shop floors that act as our think centres, where we hear them out and go beyond the expected to innovate solutions that delight. The add-ons developed on our existing machines in efforts to meet special client requirement, push us towards incremental innovations, crowning us as category creators by our existing clients.