Stelda PS 500

Stelda PS 500 series preset or batch production case sealers have the best in class options of box sizes, speed or type of sealing. The tamper evident case sealing provides protection against transit damages but many other benefits.

Stelda AR500

Stelda AR 500 GT is a state of the art fully automated case sealing machine that can accept any random sized box, coming in from multiple production lines, are centralized and sealed using hot melt glue or multiple gluing solutions.

Stelda CE10

Stelda CE 10 is an automatic case former / erector with PLC controls. Quick job change-over is effected through touch screen controls, using servo drives. Vertically stacked cases are separated using vacuum and then formed before pushing through belt drives when the bottom flaps get sealed.

Stelda TCP 15

Stelda Automatic TCP 15 pick up corrugatted  from a stack applies hot melts  adhesive and places it in top of a 15 Liter/15kg tin containing edible oil.  The machine is connected completely in line with oil filling plant and the collar fixing operation is done at speeds synchronizing with the line speed.