Stelda TCP 15

Unique features

● Non-stop feeding of collars
● Servo operated dual arm pick and place
● Gluing by nordson hot melt dispenser
● Good gluing consistency
● Glue saving with programmable glue pattern
● Electrically interlocked safety hoods
● Options for different layouts based on the requirments
● Speeds up to 15 tins per min


Stelda Automatic TCP 15 pick up corrugatted  from a stack applies hot melts  adhesive and places it in top of a 15 Liter/15kg tin containing edible oil.  The machine is connected completely in line with oil filling plant and the collar fixing operation is done at speeds synchronizing with the line speed.


Stelda Automatic TCP 15  helps completely automate the process , in addition to bringing down the operational costs.


The machine has following sections each of them programmed to execute the required sequence.

● Collar feeder (De-stacker)
● Collar tilter (Tilts the collar from vertical to horizontal)
● Pick and place  (Moves the horizontal collar , to gluing station , and after gluing  to the tin top)
● Gluing station (Nordson system , rotating table , linear motion of dispenser synchronized with rotation)
● Pressing station
● Dual conveyor system


Size of tins 240mm X 240mm X 320mm (L X W X H)
Weight of filled tin 16 kgs max
Max speed 15 tins/min
Gluing system Nordson hot melt dispenser
Power requirement 20 7.5 KVA 3 Phase-415v
Air requirement 15 cfm at 6 bar