Best Practices To Deter Shipment Pilferage With Tamper-Evident Packaging

  • Chemical blockade: This range is usually made of materials such as hot glue and wax. This blockade makes it hard to open whenever touched or tried to break. When opened, it quickly leaves back evidence of the damaged shipment.
  • Physical blockade: This includes blocking with materials such as metal or plastic, which cannot be opened without using tools like scissors or knives. A few businesses also use reinforced gummed tape for tamper-evident packaging. This tape can be opened only with a sharp object pierced into its fiberglass thread. Businesses nowadays are also inclined towards RFID in labelling and ink-coding.
  • Mechanical blockade: This includes materials such as wires or metal clasps to hold the items inside the package tightly, making it difficult to open.
  • Electronic blockade: Not very commonly used, this range comprises wireless signals for anyone to request permission without opening the package.

A business can choose the type of blockade that best suits its product packaging. However, other aspects play an essential part in reducing pilferage. Stelda case sealing solution is an illustration of chemical blockade with the use of hot melt adhesive instead of taping. This hot melt adhesive seals cause the fiber to tear if an attempt to open the case before it reaches its destination. With this, it provides superior tamper-evidence and product protection.

Additional points you can do to avoid pilferage

Must have staff background checks and set pilferage policies

Conducting background checks on employees and contractors handling packages helps identify individuals with a history of theft or criminal activity. By explaining the legal consequences of theft or tampering with packages, businesses must create awareness among the staff members.

Monitor location via GPS tracking

Tracking packages in real-time can help to identify any deviations during the shipping process. It could be anything, such as unwanted stops, delays, or incorrect routes. Extra precautions on these routes can save businesses from theft and loss.

Share restricted shipper carton access to staff

Restricting access to specifically authorised personnel limits the number of people to pursue the shipper cartons. Businesses can do this by storing containers securely with tight safety measures.

Protect shipper cartons by insuring them

Insuring shipments can help protect them against losses due to theft or damage. Businesses can be at peace of mind by not worrying about pilfers, saving more time, and focusing on faster growth.


Overall, here is a clear brief of how tamper-evident packaging can help you boost your business growth.

  • Increased package strength and security – This cannot be opened without breaking the seal/ glued area. Any effort to break the holt melt adhesive tears the fibre, rendering resealing problematic and definitively exposing tampering.
  • Reduced Material Waste – Hot melt adhesives can provide the security offered by straps or films against pilferage. These hotmelts stick to the corrugated board and get separated during the recycling process, leaving no scope of littering or wastage.
  • Reduced package theft in transit
  • Recyclable, biodegradable = sustainable usage

It’s time to switch to the best-in-class, sustainable, tamper-evident packaging practices without compromising your budget and business growth.