Why Is Eco-Friendly Packaging The Need Of The Hour?

  • 1. Recyclability: The majority of shipper carton packaging waste was not recyclable.
  • 2. Low recovery rate:Due to the poor waste collection policy and processes, most of the packaging material that could be recycled ended up in dumps and landfills.
  • 1. Corporate Social Responsibility: Businesses increasingly set sustainability goals for their social responsibility efforts. Utilising eco-friendly packaging for B2B shipments allows companies to showcase their commitment to environmental protection.
  • 2. Long-term Economic Benefits: Despite the initial investment, eco-friendly packaging yields long-term economic advantages, including reduced waste disposal expenses, lower raw material costs, and increased profitability through improved brand reputation.
  • 3. Compliance and Regulations: With governments focusing on reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainable solutions, B2B shippers must adhere to evolving regulations to avoid penalties and maintain market access.
  • 4. Enhancing Supply Chain Efficiency: Using lightweight packaging cartons supply chain efficiency, reducing transportation costs.
  • 5. Embracing Circular Economy: By adopting eco-friendly packaging, B2B shippers contribute to the transition towards a circular economy, where resources are used more efficiently and waste is minimised.
  • 6. Reputation and Brand Perception: Companies prioritising sustainability and eco-friendly packaging can build a positive brand image, successfully pursue their sustainability goals and enhance their market position.
  • 7. Encouraging Innovation and Leadership: Embracing eco-friendly packaging fosters innovation within the packaging industry, allowing B2B shippers to gain a competitive edge and establish themselves as market leaders.